(C. Wyman, E. Singer, M. Photinos, E. Hawkins, M. Masih, J. Etheridge & B. Levy)

It’s your life!
What’s it like, livin’ my life?
Because my lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle’s wild and free


Wakin’ up next to a top notch female
Roll out the bed and click the button checkin’ my email and well…
Friends and fans from across the land
From L.A. to Japan extended fam for the Mystic Roots Band
And man, I gotta thank the Lord up above (JAH)
All these letters that I’m getting: they send a message of love
I connect with your music dog, it’s been years I’ve known ya,
What’s it like to be coot from Mystic Roots up in California?
What’s it like, livin’ my life?
Rockin’ mics every night, smokin’ purple and white, It’s tight!
I can’t lie, I’m lovin’ how I’m livin’,
Since birth I’ve been given ambition plus the gift of spittin’
I’m hot now; rollin’ with MRB can’t be stopped now
See my on your block now, got it on lock down
(On lock down like a penitentiary)
Nor Cal and my lifestyle’s wild & free

(1/2 CHORUS)


I’m the type of guy that gets around
Alarms goin off cuz I’m smoking pounds
Blazin’ all night no matter the town
Rollin up J’s I’m always down
For some super sonic chronic buds
Grown with care and a special touch
Frosty green, sticky sweet, good enough to eat
You know that I be drinkin’, smokin’, straight West Coastin’
Get up on the microphone and I be straight ‘Markosin’
I be bumpin’ Outpost, I’m takin’ double dosage
I be writin’ everyday to keep the pain away you know this
Can you believe I get to do this for a livin’
I be sittin on top of da rhythm and channelin’ what I’m givin’ out
Like Fresh fruits and Vegetables, night-clubs and Festivals
Singin’, Smokin’ Sippin’
Let me chill and take a breath or two…

(1/2 CHORUS)


What’s it like livin’ the life that your livin’?
Are you livin’ it up or are you just pretendin’?
That is what you gotta go and ask yourself
Don’t want to live with regret and then just cry for help
So come on everybody what’s it gonna be?
Cuz now is the time to run wild and free
You gotta do what you love people can’t you see?
I’m just chillin’, makin’ music that’s the life for me
Sorta keep it classy, it’s Matt Masih
Rockin’ on this track it’s about to get nasty
Livin’ my life right, Santa Cruz sunlight
Playin’ music from my soul and I’m usin’ self control
Cuz the message is in the music, and the music in the message
Everyday I’m living and I’m learnin’ daily lessons
Don’t hold back gotta tighten up the slack
Vibe cuz your alive and you know that it’s your life



See, I’ma live my life and let the Lord do the rest
Atlanta’s on the track no one can contest
Groove Stain, & now their talking about my style
I walk onto the stage and make the crowd go wild
Being famous, not weak among the nameless
Look inside yourself and don’t get trapped with all the game-less
Global domination Mystic Roots got heat
You’re addicted to the sound, put the product on the street
Said a ooh wah, dem never hear dem style yah.
Ooh wah, dem never hear dem style yah.
Stay Positive ohh dude dem never hear dem style yah.
Kill some sound, let dem dead…
It’s just a California lifestyle that I live
Born and raised in the Bay just to stay positive
All the homies on the track spittin the truth
With your boy cootdog and the Mystic Roots