"Lonely Road"
(C. Wyman & K. Ramirez)

That’s why I know (that’s why I know what I know)
I ain’t ever gonna let this go
It’s been too long now (but I’m keeping it strong)
So I gotta keep on pushin’ on
My story must be told (Like 365 on the grind)
So I keep myself out on the road
Far away from home (still doin’ it on my own)
Maybe some day I wont feel so alone


Yo, here’s a story bout the life I lead
It’s like a mystery to me to overcome and succeed
I got my obstacles, but it aint impossible
Because the truth is the Mystic Roots unstoppable
But yo, back in the day it was much different for me
I wasn’t rappin for pay, my freestyle was free
And now a lot has changed cuz I got my crew to support
If we don’t get out there and put in work we comin’ up short
So yo, back on the grind again; another tour
What day will I return I couldn’t tell you for sure
But I’ll be gone ‘til November, then again in December
When’s the last time I slept in my own bed? I don’t remember
Just hotels and motels and Comfort Suites
Late nights and stage lights and bumpin’ beats
Lucky to sleep about a hour before the next show
Always on the go yo and…



Whenever he leaves I feel so alone, I put up my wall
Waiting impatiently by the phone, I wish he’d call
I know that he’s got to follow his dreams, but I miss him so
Out on the field representin’ his team, so I watch him go
But lately it seems it’s harder each time that he goes away
I love him so much that it feels like a crime, how I wish he’d stay
But the road is his home and the stage is his life, so what can I say
Thinkin’ ‘bout leavin’ him cuts like a knife, ’s gotta to be another way



So I’m alone when I roam in the zone many miles from home
Accomplishing dreams I set way before I was grown
It’s in my bones, blood line father and son
My pop did it before me and my kids will when I’m done
My pen is stronger than a gun and it cuts like a knife
I’m making music for the people who can relate to my life
Pain and strife and happiness all balanced together
Same situations, different locations a challenge forever
(Never say never) but you can say never will I retire, expire
Rather just change up my style and take it much higher
Since I was passin’ out flyers (or smashin’ out on them tires)
I touch the mic and it’s just like I’m throwin’ gas on the fire
I follow the code, and so I’m never truly alone
I got my family surroundin’ me out here on the road
Some promoters are cold, the glitter ain’t always gold
New city, new people, new evils, new temptations and that’s…