"Something About a Girl"
(K. Ramirez & C. Wyman)


She says one thing than changes her mind
She’s a mystery, makes a boy feel blind
From hot to cold in the blink of an eye
And she can’t be ‘told’ but you can try

There’s something about a girl; you can’t understand
There’s something about a girl; She’s livin in another land
There’s something about a girl; you never seem to score
There’s something about a girl that keeps you comin’ back for more

RAP 1:

She confusin’ me
I don’t know what she think and what she do to me
First she treat me like a king and then she through with me
But truly, I give her lovin’ every day cuz it’s my duty
Even if she kinda moody, right?


She’ll make you a king when you do her right
You’re back to suffering when she puts up a fight
What’s a boy to do with the instabilities?
Make everyday new, try to keep your sanity


RAP 2:

Every little thing she does is magic, it’s tragic
Trying to keep up with her is a day to daily task,
It seems like I’ve got four girls in one,
She’s cranky and mean, but crazy and fun
I don’t know which side I’ma see
Is this your reality?
Cuz when you’re with me, always switchin’ personality
But it’s worth the risk, I keep a Hershey Kiss
Because chocolate is the key to her heart (Yeah)


She knows it ain’t easy being her man
She love you only like a good woman can
It’s worth the struggle in the end
It’s not always easy but she’s your best friend
You don’t have to try so hard to figure her out
Cuz when you think you have she’ll make you doubt
It’s not a game that you can win
Stay by her side and be her man