"Welcome To Chico"
(C. Wyman & M. Jordan)

Welcome to Chico
Place where we rep 530
School town of Beautiful people
But watch out for evil
The night brings a lot of temptations
If student is your occupation
Some folks don’t know this
Them only party here like a tourist
On weekends they lose all focus
Date rape stories
And fights ending with broke noses
These fools think that their hardcore
'Nuff bars on the block too
The clubs them will serve you some shots too
And won’t think twice about you
If you pass out too
Don’t know what happened in and around you
Your friends carry on without you
And your downtown, lost, stopping passing traffic
Thought them shots of tequila wouldn’t hit you this quick
And you realize that you ain't never been a this sick
Wake up in a hospital bed with IV in your wrist
Some ladies got tattoos of playboy rabbits
Frat boys got meth and cocaine habits
Should appreciate this town as long as you have it
Righteous man here stands alone
Welcome to Chico
Ay!, Chico California Mike, Come To Chico...

Welcome to Chico
I got the dancehall vibe inside my mind so I'ma bust
I keep it fabulous so yes my friends in you can trust
cootdog will never be the man who tries to imitate
Don’t claim to be Jamaican, represent the Golden State
California all up on ya, so please don't player hate
Keep spittin' fire 'til the microphone disintegrate
When it comes time to partake in herb I never hesitate
SD and LA all the way to Golden Gate
Legalize today and watch the masses celebrate
Fire up the grass and elevate to higher state
When it comes to rocking' shows, this band here can't be beat
Getting in the van and mobbin' up and down your city street
Land, mountain, sand getting fans out they seats
Dancehall hip hop lyrics over rockin reggae beats
Decrease the hatred, increase the peace
Puff nuff ganja, marijuana I don’t wanna see police
Not in Chico
Ay, Welcome come come come...